LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga will be a Full Reboot of the Game Franchise

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The original LEGO Star Wars was such a massive hit that it's still considered one of the best LEGO franchises to this day. The simple format was also used as the basis for other LEGO games like Harry Potter and the Marvel universe, but things are looking to change when it comes to the upcoming The Skywalker Saga.

According to PC Magazine, LEGO Star Wars: TSS will be a full reboot of the franchise, giving us an open world experience that lets players go about the Star Wars universe as they please. The site says that the game will give us 20 fully explorable planets for the game, and it's likely that each planet will let us relive a specific setpiece. Tatooine alone could give us the Anakin's Podrace, the battle at the Sarlacc Pitt, and the Cantina Scene.

The game also promises an entirely new combat system. PCMag writes:


Melee combat, like fighting with lightsabers, has a new combo system to give the action more flare than just mashing a button until enemies fall apart. Ranged combat is more accurate and precise, using the over-the-shoulder perspective to aim carefully at enemies, and do more damage with head shots. The Force is a more universal tool, letting Force-sensitive players pick up and move around all sorts of objects in the environment and solve physics puzzles, rather than simply holding a button and making bricks fly around automatically.

For now, all we have is the small teaser from E3. Hopefully as the year trudges on, we can get some better looks at the game.

No release date has been announced for LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, but it's expected to release alongside or after The Rise of Skywalker which hits theaters Dec. 20.

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