Legacies Season 5: What Could Have Happened in the Supposed New Season?

Credit: Rotten Tomatoes TV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Rotten Tomatoes TV/YouTube Screenshot

Legacies Season 5 may have been canceled, but the show's creator Julie Plec and writers revealed there are already concrete ideas for the supposed new season's story arc.

As the show's ratings continuously dropped and with the Warnes Bros.-Discovery merger, Legacies was canceled after the release of Season 4. So, what could have happened in Legacies Season 5?

A Major Time Jump

The list of the possible storylines by Screen Rant revealed that the canceled fifth season could have featured a major time jump.

"We would have been in a time-jump scenario," showrunner Brett Matthews said. "I think the fun of the fifth season would be to really take those characters, who had reached such a good place in the school, and then move them beyond it and throw them in lives beyond it and seeing where they were and how they would all find their way back to one another."

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With the major change in the fourth season, with Kaylee Bryant and others' exit, a time jump is just fitting.

Setting Up Legacies Season 5's Story

Though the fourth season ended properly, it still set up a possible Legacies Season 5 story.

Jed (Ben Levin) and Ben (Zane Phillips) are now both free from their curses, and the fifth season may feature how they will struggle without their powers.

The canceled season may also feature more about Kaleb (Chris Lee) and Cleo (Omono Okojie), as the latter's power as an Oracle may play a larger part in the series.

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Fans could have also seen a different version of Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) in Legacies Season 5.

Lastly, things could have changed in the Salvatore School after Caroline Forbes-Salvatore (Candice King) became the new headmistress after Alaric Saltzman (Matthew Davis) stepped down from the post.

The Introduction of Elena and Damon's Child

Legacies Season 5 could have been a game changer as it's set to introduce Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon's (Ian Somerhalder) child, Stephanie Salvatore.

"[Stephanie was] very much at the top of our whiteboard as a character that we were planning on introducing, should the show move forward," Plec revealed.

"In my mind, Damon and Elena had kids in our timeline. The way we alluded to her in the genie episode was as though she was 12 or 13," she added. "But in the Legacies timeline, their kids were younger, probably toddlers."

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Despite Legacies Season 5's cancellation, Plec unveiled another The Vampire Diaries spinoff in the works, and it may introduce the kids of the fan-favorite TVD characters.

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