Lee Yi Kyung Net Worth: How Did The Welcome to Waikiki Star Earn His Millions?

Credit: KBS WORLD TV / YouTube screenshot

Credit: KBS WORLD TV / YouTube screenshot

Lee Yi Kyung gained the reputation as Kdramas funny man for his hilarious portrayal of characters like the eccentric actor Joon Ki in Welcome to Waikiki or his role as the best friend in Go Back Couple.

Whether it's a supporting character or the main lead, the 33-year-old would surely ace the role, giving the viewers an episode of solid entertainment.

To top this, he is also active on TikTok, posting hilarious videos and raking millions of likes on every post. As of this writing, Lee Yi Kyung’s TikTok account has 3.4 million followers and counting.

From Kdrama to Tiktok, the actor never failed to entertain the viewers with his quirky personality.

Lee Yi Kyung’s Father is Well-Known CEO

Kdrama fans often found themselves binge-watching series that feature families with affluent backgrounds and “chaebols” which means a large family-owned business conglomerate.

As for the actor, he is among the Korean celebrities who grew up in a wealthy family.

One fun fact about Lee Yi Kyung is that his father is a former CEO of a large company, LG Innotek.

Despite this, he lived a humble lifestyle and even worked as a part-timer in a DVD rental shop.

In a report cited by Soompi, Lee Yi Kyung dropped out of school because of an injury.

He used to love sports when he was in high school but had to quit the team so he could focus on his recovery.

Unfortunately, he felt like his dreams were shattered and it caused him depression.

Due to this, his father suggested that he drop out of school.

“My dad said, ‘Just live doing what you want to do,’ and signed my [school] withdrawal papers,” he shared.

From then on, he tried earning on his own. Despite his family’s background, he chose to live a simple life and even worked part-time jobs to make ends meet.

“I lived on a rooftop apartment in the neighborhood of Noryangjin, and got to where I am today,” he said, adding that he worked at a DVD and comic book rental shop and was eventually asked by the owner to run the store after earning a surplus of 800 won for three months. At the time, he was a teenager.

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Lee Yi Kyung Net Worth

From a part-timer, he is now earning big bucks as an actor and endorser.

According to a report, Lee Yi Kyung’s net worth this 2022 is estimated at 1 million to 5 million USD.

Apart from being an actor and his TikTok account, he also has a YouTube channel where he often posts random activities like behind-the-scenes of his Kdramas, road trips, and more.

Interestingly, he is set to make a comeback to the small screen through the series Critical X. He will join lead stars Kwon Sang Woo, veteran actor Sung Dong Il, and Im Se Mi.

Adding to the list of his upcoming project is the rom-com It’s You, Out of the Blue.

Lee Yi Kyung is in talks to headline the cast with Jung Hyong Hwa, Hong Seung Hee, Han Chae Ah, and True Beauty’s Park Yoo Na.

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