Lee Tae Won Dies At 83 Following Several Health Woes

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Lee Tae Won dead
Credit: David Tomaseti on Unsplash
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Lee Tae Won, who rose to fame as one of the best veteran movie producers in South Korea, has died. He was 83.

Lee Tae Won's aides confirmed the saddening news to Yonhap News Agency, saying that his death occurred one year after his accidental fall in May 2020. He succumbed at Yonsei University's Severance Hospital, where he first received treatments for his injuries.


The Korea Herald confirmed that a memorial alter will be set up at the same hospital where a public viewing will happen.

Lee Tae Won's exact cause of death remains unknown, but fans who have seen his movies assumed that the movie producer suffered from the effects of the fall.

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Lee Tae Won's Projects Before His Death

Lee tae Won dead
Credit: Mike Labrum on Unsplash
Lee Tae Won suffered from fall incident before dying a year later.

Lee Tae Won began his decades-long career in 1959 by producing A long affection. Unfortunately, the movie did not become a hit at that time.


A few years later, he returned to the film industry by launching a theater in Uijeongbu in 1973. He earned enough to acquire a film production company in 1984 that gave birth to hit Korean movies like Come, Come, Come Upward, and Seopyonje.

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The movie producer expanded his career even more during the 2000s, helming iconic movies including Raging Years and Chi-hwa-seon.

Lee Tae Won Garnered Recognition For His Movies


Between the years leading to his death, Lee Tae Won got the chance to be included in several award-giving bodies' recognitions through the movies he produced.

In Low Life, also known as Raging Years, Lee Tae Won worked with director and writer Im-Known Taek to release the film. The movie tells the story of gangster Choi Tae Woong who suffers from tumultuous years during the 20th century in the country.

The film, which starred Cho Seung Woo and Kim Min Sun, received two nominations in 2004. The 61st Venice International Film Festival's Golden Lion and Hawaii International Film Festival's Narrative Feature included the film in the nominations' list.

Meanwhile, his colleagues who worked with him on Chi-hwa-seon raked awards at several A-list events, including the 55th Cannes Film Festival, 28th Cesar Awards, 3rd Busan Film Critics Awards. 23rd Blue Dragon Film Awards, and 22nd Korean Association of Film Critics Awards, among others.

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