Lee Nadine Relationship: Is The Single’s Inferno 2 Fan-Favorite Single?

Credit: The Swoon

Credit: The Swoon

Single’s Inferno season 2 fan favorite Lee Nadine wasn't able to go home with a co-participant beside her but she welcomed 2023 with a mysterious person.

Due to this, fans were curious about the Harvard University beauty’s relationship status – whether she is dating someone or is currently single.

Who Is Lee Nadine from Single’s Inferno 2?

While the second season took the world by storm with Netflix introducing 12 single and gorgeous participants who are ready to mingle and have fun in a secluded island called the “inferno.”

Among the Single’s Inferno 2 cast that stood out is Lee Nadine who exudes undeniable charm and a killer smile.

As viewers know, one of the tasks in the reality show is never to discuss age and work with fellow participants once they are on the island and could only ask someone about these personal details in “paradise.”

Interestingly, Lee Nadine was among the first ones who experience the luxurious escapade in paradise after Shin Dong Woo chose her to be his date.

Besides Dong Woo, who was revealed to be a plastic surgeon, the 22-year-old New York-born beauty is a fourth-year student at an ivy league, Harvard University.

To make things more amazing is that Lee Nadine studies Neuroscience as her pre-med and has a second degree in Computer Science.

Interestingly, besides the top-tier university, she was also accepted at Yale University and Princeton University.

Besides her impressive educational attainment, she used to under YG Plus, YG Entertainment's fashion agency.

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Towering at 5’10, she worked with the agency from 2014 to 2018 but has decided to pursue a career in the health industry.

Is Lee Nadine Dating Anyone?

Without a doubt, Single’s Inferno 2 became a huge success after the reality show gained the attention of viewers and become a trending topic on Twitter.

From the pilot episode to the finale, viewers are hooked to find out who will be dating who.

As for Lee Nadine, she chose Kim Jin Young but he preferred Shin Seul Ki.

However, the reality star posted an intriguing photo sending fans into a frenzy.

On Lee Nadine’s Instagram story, the 22-year-old beauty posted a photo with a guy as they welcomed 2023.

However, the person’s face was covered with an emoji and because of it, fans speculated that the person was none other than the Nam Joo Hyuk look alike, Kim Han Bin.

Interestingly, eagle-eyed netizen noticed an intricate detail that made the fans think that it was her co-participant.

The mysterious person was wearing a silver ring, which was similar to the one that Han Bin wore on the show.

However, Lee Nadine and Kim Han Bin never addressed the dating rumors.

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