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Lee Da In’s Agency Breaks Silence Over Rumors Lee Seung Gi’s Wife Changed Her Name Four Times

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Lee Da In's label, 9ato Entertainment, addressed the claims that she had changed her name four times and used six names throughout her life.

Lee Da In has been the target of several negative news after Lee Seung Gi announced their plan to get married in February. Many of the actor's fans seem to show their dislike of his now-wife due to the controversies his father, Lee Hong Heon, has faced.

Lee Da In's Alleged Use of Different Names

The actress' agency released an official statement about her alleged use of different names, changing it four times in the past.

"Lee Da In has never used the names Kyun Yoo Kyung and Lee Ji Hye. She's only changed her name twice," the company confirmed, per AllKpop.

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According to reports, Lee Da In's real name is Lim Yoo Kyung, but her last name was changed to Kyun after her mom, Kyun Mi Rin. She changed it again to Lee Ji Hye when her mother married her stepfather.

Rumors have it that she also used the names, Lee Joo Hee and Lee Ra Yoon.

"Lee Da In has never used the name Lee Ji Hye. We cannot confirm the number of names or whether the rest of the names were used," 9ato added.

The Origin of the Rumors

A post on an online community titled Lee Seung Gi's Wife Is Said To Have Six Names went viral after claiming Lee Da In changed her name several times, Koreaboo noted.

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It alleged that she was born Lim Yoo Kung and changed it to Kyeon Yoo Kyung after her parents divorced to take her mom's last name. She then changed it again to Lee Ji Hye after her mother remarried and changed it once more to Lee Joo Hee.

But it didn't just stop there. She allegedly changed it again due to her mother's religion.

"Lastly, her current name is Lee Ra Yoon, a Buddhist name that her mother, Kyeon Mi Ri, changed for the sake of her daughter's future," the poster revealed.

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With this allegation, fans can't help but be alarmed and wonder why Lee Da In has to use different names. Though it's already a norm to change names, they find it quite "a bit much" to do it four times.

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