Leaked Star Wars: Underworld Test Footage is Reportedly Legit

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Last week, Star Wars fans were in for a treat when footage from George Lucas' Star Wars: Underworld made its way online. Lucas started working on the project in 2005, unfortunately, the live-action series didn't push through. While some are skeptical about the clips' legitimacy, it looks like these are actually test footage from the show.


According to io9, a source close to the project confirmed it was from the show but has told the outlet that it's not what the final series would have looked like because they were allegedly just for "proof of concept." Since the show is said to be "so expensive" to make, producer Rick McCallum hired Stargate to shoot the said test footage so the studio could bring it to TV Networks in the hopes of getting one of them to be interested in co-financing the project.

The outlet claims the footage is indeed from Stargate, which was made after being hired by Lucasfilm. It isn't clear as to where the footage actually came from though, but the point of making it was to "convey tone, technology, and setting" of the show. The series is said to be set on the streets of Coruscant and is "heavily influenced" by a Blade Runner aesthetic.

The site also pointed out that the YouTube video was recently uploaded but it is actually credited to Stargate Studios who have had the clip posted on the company's Vimeo account for nine years, which was deleted a few days after news came out.

Given the success of The Mandalorian, it's a shame that the series wasn't pushed through for fans to see another side of the galaxy far, far away.


What are your thoughts on Underworld just based on the footage? Tell us in the comments below!

Star Wars: The Mandalorian is available to stream on Disney+.

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