Leak Supposedly Confirms Rocksteady's Superman Game

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Rocksteady had made history with their Arkham series of games, but now everyone has been waiting to see what kind of project they have next. For years people have speculating that the studio is working on a Superman game, only to be met with a lot of debunks and shut-downs. Now, however, a new leak seems to suggest that Rocksteady is working on a game featuring the Man of Steel.

As per a listing on GameSystemRequirements.com (via ComicBook), there is a game in the works called Superman: World's Finest, and it has Rocksteady listed as the developer. The game is also listed in the action-adventure genre, but so far, we don't have a release date yet.

While we should take this rumor with a grain of salt, it's noted that this was the same site that had accidentally leaked the existence of Devil May Cry V a month before the game was announced. No doubt they have some insider information on any upcoming games that are still in the dark.


A Superman game has been on the top of everyone's list once the Arkham series had ended with Arkham Knight. With the way Rocksteady was just able to make a game that embraced everything that made Batman cool, everyone was wondering what they would have done with a character like Superman.

After all, Superman is one of the most OP character ever made, and having him in the center of a video game would prove rather tricky. Nerfing Superman's abilities would make him feel less authentic, but giving him a full set of powers will also make it harder for the devs to come up with enemies in-game. It's not like Supes can just collect powers along the way like Batman and his gadgets.

At best, I think a Superman game would have to start with young Clark discovering his powers and having them available to him little by little. At least, that's my idea.

A Superman game from Rocksteady has not been officially announced.

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