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Lauren Ridloff Net Worth 2022: How Wealthy Does the Eternals Star Have Become Today?

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Credit: Good Morning America/YouTube Screenshot

Lauren Ridloff made history as the first deaf superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But before she played the role of Makkari in Eternals, she made several television and movie projects, helping her make a name in the industry.

But aside from fame, of course, these projects have helped her amass a decent net worth that helps her get by. Now that she has been a part of a huge franchise, how wealthy does Lauren Ridloff have become today?

The Start of Lauren Ridloff’s Fame

The actress is relatively new to the entertainment business. She started her acting career in 2017 by joining the cast of the movie Sign Gene.

She later appeared in Wonderstruck and the music video for John Legend’s song, “Love Me now.” After a year, she did Children of a Lesser God and auditioned in The Walking Dead.

Fortunately, she was accepted and played the role of Connie in the ninth season. She continued her television stints and made Legacies, New Amsterdam and Sound of Metal.

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Come 2021, Lauren Ridloff made it big and had been part of Eternals. With these works, Full Celeb noted she had already made $800,000 of net worth and this would continue to grow in the years to come.

As of this writing, her IMDb page revealed she still had one short project coming, Charlie and the Hunt, which is now in the post-production process and set to be out this year.

Lauren Ridloff as a History-Maker

Lauren Ridloff’s inclusion in the MCU movie, Eternals, made history. She is the first deaf superhero who made it into the franchise and she is proud of what she has achieved.

In fact, she is now seeing the very person she wants to see on the screen and that is herself.

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"I know I'm not the only one; there are other people out there like me," she said at the 19th's Virtual Summit, via Glamour Fame.

With the fame and global audience this franchise has, she knows she is about to make a difference.

“It's going to make a massive impact," she added. "I can't even start to imagine how this is going to affect other communities throughout the world."

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Ridloff continued that she feels delighted to have a platform that will help raise awareness about deaf communities around the world. In fact, she, too, is very much aware that not many places have a law like the Americans with Disabilities Act.

With that being said, it looks like Lauren Ridloff will continue to make a difference, not just in Hollywood but for people with disabilities around the world.


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