Latest Venom TV Spot Shows The Symbiote's Capabilities

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Sony has released a new TV spot for October's Venom movie and there isn't anything too new about it. That doesn't mean it's bad since it does have plenty of cool-looking action and has no dud lines like the infamous "turd in the wind" trailer released not too long ago. It does its job as a TV spot and does show how capable the anti-hero will be.

After showing Eddie as a journalist, we quickly move on to his alter-ego and how he can take down foes. It's nothing too new since they have appeared in most of the trailers but they do look cool, making this a fairly faithful adaptation for fans of the character.

Whether he's smashing his foes with fists, using symbiote tendrils to get back into a motorcycle or about to eat foes, Venom looks cool. Does that mean the movie will be good? We can only hope, as some of the cringe-worthy lines from previous trailers are still in the minds of many.

Sony is hoping that Venom will be the start of a new cinematic universe, with Kraven the Hunter and Black Cat expected to capitalize on the success of this movie. As long as the feature-length installment is of quality, fans won't mind. That doesn't mean we constantly need cinematic universes but that is the current Hollywood trend.

Venom hits theaters on October 5.

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