Venom Director Responds To Whether Or Not Spider-Man Is Making An Appearance In The Movie

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Marvel fans might still clinging on to the hope that Tom Holland's Spider-Man (or at least Peter Parker)is going to get a secret cameo in Sony's upcoming Venom movie, but director Ruben Fleisher refuses to give in and admit whether or not the comic book movie's going to have a little bit of Spidey.

Speaking in an interview with the LA Times, Fleischer was asked point blank whether or not Holland would be in Sony's Spider-Man spinoff movie, and the director refused to take the bait saying that he just can't give away anything just yet.

"I honestly don't know what I'm allowed to say," the filmmaker told the publication. "I mean, I know the answer — I've seen the movie. But I don't want to get in trouble for saying something I'm not supposed to."


Sony has previously said before that Spider-Man won't be appearing in Tom Hardy's first standalone movie as Venom, but this new comment definitely adds to the hope that Marvel's favorite webslinger might be making a cameo in the film. After all, why is Fleisher playing coy? The director could have just given a plain "no" when responding to the LA Times. He could have shut down the rumors completely.

Of course, the director could be playing with the fanbase, stringing fans along with the hope of a Spider-Man appearance. Guess everyone's just going to have to wait and see whether Spider-Man's going to pop up in Venom.

Venom is set to premiere on October 5.

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