12 Oct 2017 2:20 PM +00:00 UTC

Latest Trailer For Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Reveals New Z-Moves

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are a month away from being released, but that won't stop Nintendo from showcasing new features from the two 3DS games. The latest trailer shows two new Z-Moves for Necromza, who fuses with Solgaleo in Ultra Sun and Lunala in Ultra Moon. Considering how players will be able to use two Z-Moves after bonding with Rotom, catching one of them might break the single-player campaign.

It's not just Z-Moves, as the legendary Pokemon has a move no other creature in the game can learn. Necromza in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon has a move called Photon Geyser, which looks damaging but is a bit on the generic side. The attack looks like every other energy ball that can be seen in an episode of Dragon Ball Super.

As for the Z-Moves, these vary depending on which version of the game is bought. In Ultra Sun Necromza has Searing Sunraze Smash as a Z-Move, while Ultra Moon gives the Pokemon Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom. Both moves have either legendary bring their opponent into another dimension before hitting them with a damaging attack.


The trailer also shows some great new features from Rotom and it's not just the ability to use two Z-Moves in one fight. When players bond with Rotom they can use a number of his features so that they can hatch Poke' Eggs faster and run into stronger Pokemon in the wild. It's a lot of cool stuff and should make these games a must-buy for fans, even if they bought the vanilla versions of either game.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon come out on November 17 for the 3DS.

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