Latest Spider-Man PS4 Trailer Features First Look at Scarlet Spider Costume

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Comic book fans rejoiced when it the Scarlet Spider costume was confirmed for the Spider-Man PS4 game coming out next month. Ben Reilly's original look remains a fan-favorite after all of these years so being able to play in the costume is going to fulfill a lot of wishes for fans. Thanks to the most recent combat-oriented trailer for the game, we have finally been given a good look at the suit and it looks great.

As expected, this is the original Scarlet Spider costume that Ben Reilly won, hoodie and all. It turns out that these costumes are going to have special offensive options for Spidey, with the Scarlet Spider costume being able to fool enemies with holograms. This is a handy option and should make some of the game's more difficult battles more tolerable.

This isn't the first time the Scarlet Spider has been playable in a Marvel game. Ever since the first Spider-Man game on PSOne, the costume has been a mainstay for most games that have featured the web-slinger. From Marvel Ultimate Alliance to Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, the suit has made an impact on the fandom.

Spider-Man PS4 will be available in a few weeks. The game's official release date is September 7.

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