Latest Punisher Season 2 Set Photo Shows Frank Castle's Bloody Costume

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The Punisher season two might not have a release date yet but there have been enough photos and leaks around the web that has kept fans interested. It seems like the series' second season will be coming out sometime in 2019, with Daredevil season three and Iron Fist season two set for release this year.

While the wait might feel excruciating, fans will be happy to know that the series will continue to be as violent as the previous season if this new set photo means anything. Though we don't see anyone getting shot, Frank's skull logo does have a lot of blood in it, making it look cool in a very gruesome way.

It's hard to tell what's happening in this scene but there's obviously been a lot of shooting involved. Frank is clearly banged up but is trying to survive and he probably will since he's the main character.


Comic book fans are pretty used to this image of Frank Castle since the anti-hero is a pretty violent figure and kills without remorse. Fans have probably seen his skull crest get red a few times during the first season and it looks like that trend will continue with season two. No complaints there since a Punisher season without blood just feels wrong.

The Punisher season two currently has no release date but the first season can currently be streamed on Netflix.

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