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Latest Fortnite Leak Reveals Atlantis Location and Atlantean Skins

If you're one of the many fans looking forward to the Splashdown update for Fortnite, that's probably because you're a big fan of DC superhero Aquaman. The game is clearly basing this version of the character from his hit movie and we're interested in seeing how this update pans out. As we wait for more details on this major change, some well-known dataminers have found some fairly interesting details that could make it to the game, including an Atlantis location and more cosmetics.

A lot of the leaks come from FortTory, who has datamined the game and found files relating to skins for female Atlanteans, along with a possible location. While Epic Games can change their mind anytime and just leave the data in their game - which they do a lot - this does show that they might have something big planned for this update. Fans really did like that Waterworld-like trailer that came out recently and making that reality possible would be nice.

This is just one of many updates that could significantly change Fortnite, at least for a little bit. Fans always appreciate how Epic Games tries to change things up for their players, which is probably why they make so much money. The fact that it's a free-to-play game that only has you play for Battle Passes and cosmetics also helps.

Fortnite is now available in pretty much every gaming platform imaginable and we wouldn't be too surprised if it ends up on next-gen consoles. Get it now since it's free.

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