Last Christmas: Henry Golding Might Be Playing An Angel In Emilia Clarke Romcom

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It seems like what appears to be a holiday rom-com starring Emilia Clarke is currently the subject of several theories. Although Last Christmas is being marketed as a sweet romantic comedy featuring the Game of Thrones actress and a soundtrack filled with George Michael songs, people can't help speculating about the identity of Henry Golding's character. But what if the Crazy Rich Asians star is actually playing an angel?

You've probably heard of all those theories about Last Christmas. Some believe that Golding's mysterious stranger might actually be a Christmas ghost or an organ donor who gave Clarke's Kate his heart. On the other hand, there's also a huge possibility that he might be an angel because... have you seen how angels are depicted in all those other movies?

If there's one thing that the films have taught us, angels love trench coats. Just about every other angel in pop culture has worn one in movies. Clarence from It's a Wonderful Life wore one, Castiel from Supernatural never seems to part with his coat, and even Nicolas Cage wore a trench coat in City of Angels. The trench coat just seems like a staple in angelic fashion since it hides their wings so well (that's what Denzel Washington and John Travolta did in The Preacher's Wife and Michael, respectively).

Of course, there's also a possibility that we are all just looking too much into this entire thing and Golding's Tom might simply be the perfectly angelic guy that Kate really needs. Either way, the truth can finally be revealed this November.

Last Christmas hits theaters on November 8.

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