Lando Finally Gets A Massive 2,800+ Piece LEGO Star Wars Cloud City

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Lego continues its Master Builder Series with this new Betrayal at Cloud City, which comes with 2,812 pieces. It even comes with Boba Fett's Slave 1 so the Bounty Hunter can take Han's frozen body to Jabba. The Lego set recreates some popular scenes from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

It's much bigger than the 698-piece Cloud City that Lego released in 2003, and as you can see in the images below the set is loaded with incredible details.


Image: LEGO

Image: LEGO

The new Star Wars Lego set comes with a promenade for shootouts with Stormtroopers, a dining room with a table where Vader confronted Leia and Han, a circling cloud car protecting the city, and a garbage room with an incinerator where Chewbacca rescued C-3PO.

Betrayal at Cloud City comes with a prison cell, an interrogation chamber, a carbon freezing chamber where Han was frozen. There's also a balcony where Luke found out that Darth Vader is his father.

Image: LEGO

The Lego set comes with 18 minifigures and a couple of droids (R2-D2 and a de-activated IG-88). Betrayal at Cloud City's price is $350 and it will be available on October 1.

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