Krysten Ritter Opens the Door for Jessica Jones Return After Seemingly Closing It

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Netflix recently released the final season of Jessica Jones and fans expecting some closure were hurt by even more teases to episodes that will never happen. Not only did the series hint at Luke Cage's new status quo but it also teased the return of Purple Man/Killgrave. Actress Krysten Ritter, who plays Jones, seemingly stated that the door was closed for a Jones return but recently went to Twitter to say that she would be open to the opportunity.

This is what Ritter previously stated about playing Jones again:

"Do I think I'll play her again? I don't think so. I feel like I've played her, you know? I feel really good about it. I feel good about closing the door."

Seemed definitive right? Well, here is what she said on Twitter:

"I would play JJ again in a HEARTBEAT - she's the coolest character ever and I love her! Hey, you never know what the future holds . As for now I'm so proud of the long run & the deep character work I got to do. It's been a dream and never say never!"

Why she decided to backtrack on her previous comments is a bit of a mystery but there's always a chance that what she said previously wasn't covered well or was quoted out of context. While the return of these Netflix characters probably won't be happening anytime soon, we can only hope that Disney+ considers bringing them back since Marvel could use a more adult edge somewhere.


Jessica Jones season 3 can now be streamed on Netflix.

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