Krystal Subtly Remembers f(x) Co-Member Sulli Years After Her Death

Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

Krystal expressed her love to Sulli during the anniversary of one of their notable songs.

The past years have been tough for people who grew close to Sulli before the K-pop idol’s tragic passing years ago. Among those who still grieve, Krystal and f(x) members are the most affected.

After promoting for seven years, f(x) ultimately went on a hiatus before the surviving members left SM Entertainment for good. But they faced the most-heartbreaking event yet when their co-member, Sulli, took her own life.

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Krystal Remembers Sulli in New Post

On Instagram Story, the Crazy Love actress shared photos of the group which were taken during the Nu ABO era.

The first photo features her alongside the other four members of the girl group -- Sulli, Amber, Luna, and Victoria. The next one is a cropped photo of her.

The third and last one is a picture of Krystal beside Sulli, touching fans’ hearts.

Sulli was found dead on Oct. 14, 2019, at her home, and the authorities who responded to the scene said there was no suspicion of foul play surrounding her death.

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Before her tragic passing, she was still able to shoot an ad film and showed no signs of being depressive or distressed. However, she had been enduring mental health issues after losing her friends when she publicized her relationship with Choiza.

Eventually, she suspended her K-pop projects due to the abuse she suffered online, especially when she joined the no bra movement in the country.

Sulli suffered from the same fate her friend, SHINee’s Jonghyun, faced before claiming his life in 2017.

Krystal Once Received Malicious Comments During Sulli’s Funeral

As the world mourned at that time, Krystal faced condemnation as she chose to remain silent about Sulli’s death. She received malicious comments for not saying anything about the event.

Still, she was revealed to have stayed by Sulli’s memorial altar for three days. The South Korean custom includes the friends of the deceased helping the bereaved family.

"After hearing the news about Sulli, Krystal was in deep sadness as she stood by the funeral hall for 3 days. She was there for the whole process. The malicious comments now are too harsh,” a source said.

Despite the hate she suffered from, Krystal did not allow it to show her love for Sulli until they accompanied her to her resting place.

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