South Korean Singer Kangnam Recalls Horrifying Encounter With a Burglar

Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

Kangnam shared a worrying story about his life before he became a K-pop idol.

Before M.I.B debuted, Kangnam had already created his empire when he released his single Say My Name. The Korean Japanese singer, whose real name is Yasuo Namekawa, then debuted in the hip-hop group.

Although he had not started his career until he jetted to South Korea after studying in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Kangnam reportedly had a bad experience in Japan when he was in middle school.

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Kangnam Details Burglary in Japan Home

Kangnam uploaded a new video on his YouTube channel, which featured the town he used to live in when he was still in Japan. The Japanese-Korean singer revealed that their house was robbed when he was in middle school, and the burglar who did the crime.

“My parents were panicking so much, because all the cash at home was gone. I really wanted to catch the burglar, so I started investigating into it. About a month had passed, and my friend said something to me that I thought was very suspicious,” he said.

He revealed that a classmate of his told him he wanted to go on a trip with him and gave him around $68 for the tour. However, Kangnam found it suspicious since the amount was too big to be given to anyone easily.

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Because of that, he asked his friends for help to solve the case.

They found out that the burglar who broke into their house was that classmate after they stole the key from him when he was changing for a gym class.

What was more surprising was that the classmate’s father was a police officer. After the revelation, his classmate reportedly got beaten up in front of him by his own father.

Kangnam Officially Becomes Korean

Aside from his burglary story, Kangnam went viral because of his recent naturalization test.

After failing the first stage of the process to become a citizen of South Korea, he applied again and passed the written exam. He finally had his final interview in February and officially became a Korean.

“I can go to the dong [neighborhood] office and change my name, get insurance, and create a resident registration card. I have many options for my name. I might just leave it as ‘Kang Nam,’ or take my mom’s last name and go with ‘Kwon Kang Nam,’ or take my wife’s last name as ‘Lee Kang Nam,’ or I might change the name ‘Kangnam’ completely,” he went on.

Kangnam married former speed skater Lee Sang Hwa in August 2019.

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