24 Mar 2020 5:17 PM +00:00 UTC

Konami Kills Our Hopes by Debunking Silent Hills Revival Rumors

Many horror gamers were pleasantly surprised when rumors of Konai reviving Silent Hills made their way to the internet, with everyone and their grandparents hoping that they were true. In a sad bit of news, a representative from Konami has stated that these reports are false and there don't appear to be any plans to bring this beloved title back from the dead.

The Konami representatives told Rely on Horror, who helped break the story, that this story was false and many hearts broke over the news. While it was good for them to tell us that it wasn't a real story, the fact that it revolves around a game that a lot of people want to play is just a really sad situation. We really don't have anyone to blame but ourselves for getting excited, which is a big part of internet culture these days.

It would be nice if the representative was lying and we get to see Silent Hills on the PS5 and Xbox Series X in the future but we doubt that's going to happen. While we all have many fond memories of Konami, the company has been pretty disappointing in recent years with their most recent game, Contra: Rogue Corps, being something no one wants to play.

Fans who want to see Hideo Kojima and Norman Reedus in a project together should just get Death Stranding, which is available now on PS4.

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