Knives Out 2: First Teaser Unveils Detective Blanc’s New Mystery Case in Greece

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Daniel Craig’s sequel to the first Knives Out film was part of Netflix’s Film slate and features first footage together with 86 new films like The Gray Man and The Adam Project.

Knives Out is a mystery-thriller film that focuses a how master Detective Benoit Blanc navigates his way in unraveling the murder of novelist Harlan Thrombey and follows the investigation through the suspects, which is his own dysfunctional family.

Netflix has bought not just one but two sequels for the Knives Out film for more than $400 Million, and Knives Out 3 is definitely on the slate of Netflix’s future films.

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The confirmed casts for the sequel are Kathryn Hann, Dave Bautista, Madelyn Cline, Jessica Henwick, Kate Hudson, Edward Norton, and of course, Daniel Craig who will reprise his role. The Knives Out director and writer, Rian Johnson will be the one to direct and write the sequel.
Johnson also won an Oscar nomination for best original play for the film.

In an interview by SiriusXM, Johnson discussed that the sequel won’t follow the first circumstance as before. “You look at Agatha Christie’s books and it’s not like every single one is a mansion, a library, and a detective. Besides the setting, she also explored a bunch of different subgenres. She found a different narrative way into each of them.”

Since the film hasn’t revealed its plot yet, what we can assume is that the new well-known cast is either another dysfunctional family or related in other ways. The setting is also filmed in Greece and a new title is being developed. In Johnson’s interview with Digital Spy in September, she reveals her confusion on developing a new title “It’s been such a mindf--k, because I sat on the idea for the first one for 10 years, and with this one, I’m starting with a blank page. It’s not really a Knives Out sequel. I need to come up with a title for it so I can stop calling it ‘The Knives Out Sequel’ because it’s just Daniel Craig as the same detective with a totally new cast."

However, the release date for the film is still unknown. In an interview together with Javier Bardem for Variety’s Actors on Actors, Craig revealed that the sequel would be available in the fall. We did the second one in the summer. We shot in Greece and then we filmed studio work in Serbia. It's finished, it's in the can."

What we have for now is the teaser which reveals Detective Blanc in a Mediterranean setting with the new cast.

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