Kit Harington Reveals His Favorite Game Of Thrones Scene Involved Rose Leslie

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There is little doubt that working on Game of Thrones is an amazing experience. However, Kit Harington has just confirmed that the best scene he has filmed on the HBO series involves his wife Rose Leslie.

Harington is the most recent star featured on the show's The Cast Remembers segment for the Game of Thrones YouTube channel. The actor revealed that the first scene he worked on in the first season was just him walking down the ramparts on Castle Black. However, his favorite day on Game of Thrones was his first day working in Iceland for a pivotal scene.

"It was special for so many reasons, and it was the scene where I was not able to behead Ygritte," Harington confessed. He also revealed that Leslie was still his favorite actor to work with.

"There was something really special about working with Rose," Harington said. "She is one of the best actors I've worked with, one of the most instinctual and we really kind of really had a great chemistry together, I think."


Fans already know that the chemistry between Jon Snow and Ygritte was real considering that Harington married Leslie while working on Game of Thrones Season 8. Although Jon and his wildling didn't end up together in the show, people are glad to know that Harington and Leslie are still together.

Although Ygritte is no longer around, Jon's story continues in the final season. Find out what will happen to the King in the North when Game of Thrones Season 8 finally airs on HBO on April 14.

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