King Charles Will Have to Tackle the Challenges About His Personality and Reputation After Ascending the Throne? Prince William’s Father Will Still Manage, Expert Says

Credit: CBS Evening News/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: CBS Evening News/YouTube Screenshot

King Charles ascended the throne after Queen Elizabeth passed away on Sept. 8. He waited most of his life to take on the role. However, even if he had prepared for it for decades, there would still be challenges along the way, including working on his personality and reputation.

King Charles Will Have To Tackle Various Issues As The New Monarch?

British journalist and royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti shared his thoughts about the issues that the new monarch will likely face.

"A further challenge [for King Charles] would be just about his own reputation and personality, which is not to say there is a problem with them necessarily but we are all very used to the late Queen. For most of us, she personified the actual role and because we have only ever known her and I think it's very difficult to, effectively, replace her," Sacerdoti told Express.

The expert noted that King Charles' job is not to literally replace his late mother, even if he takes her previous role. He has to cut his own version and make the public comfortable with that. And Sacerdoti is confident that he can manage it.

"So I suspect that's another issue he and the palace will be thinking how to do, but I have no reason to think they won't manage it, because they are masterful at creating the right appearance and impression, doing the right act, they are usually very plugged into what the nation would want them to do and not to do," he continued.

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"So I think we will see that mapping out over the coming years, how King Charles chooses to present himself differently to Her Majesty the Queen."

Sacerdoti noted that King Charles' new approach will not be a criticism of the former monarch but an opportunity to do things that she couldn't do at the end of her reign due to her age and health.

"So we have always seen them making changes according to circumstances and I think now he'll be able to make a few more of them," Sacerdoti said.

The expert said that Queen Elizabeth also adjusted to the circumstances, especially during the COVID pandemic. For instance, she made appearances via video links.

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King Charles Made Headlines Due To His Temper Shortly After Taking Over The Throne?

Prince William's father made headlines for his temper shortly after he became the new king of England. A viral video shortly before he was proclaimed the new king by the Accession Council showed him grimacing while motioning royal aides to clear the desk.

Some criticized him for allegedly not treating the staff well with his manners. However, others defended him and said they would also be annoyed if they were in King Charles' position.

He was seen losing his temper again during a signing ceremony in Northern Ireland while signing a document. He was heard asking about the date but noticed that the pen was leaking.

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"Oh God I hate this [pen]!" King Charles said before handing the pen to his wife, Queen Consort Camilla, who was standing beside him.

He wiped his finger while Camilla sat down to sign the document. "Oh look, it's going everywhere," Camilla said after taking the pend. The king wiped his finger as his wife sat down to sign the document.

"I can't bear this bl**** thing ... every stinking time," he said and walked away, leaving the queen consort as she continued writing on the document.

Will working on King Charles' personality and reputation be an easy job or not? What do you think? Stay tuned for more news and updates about King Charles.

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