King Charles Warns to Strip Prince Harry and His Family of Royal Titles if Memoir Exposes Him; Prince William’s Father Reportedly Fears Son’s Book Could Jeopardize His Reign

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Credit: News 19 WLTX/YouTube Screenshot

King Charles is allegedly panicking over his son Prince Harry's memoir. A new report claimed that he issued a stern warning to the Duke of Sussex about his book.

King Charles Reportedly Gave Prince Harry An Ultimatum About His Memoir

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been estranged from the royal family after Megxit. They reunited with the members of the firm last month for the Queen's funeral. However, several sources claimed that their relationship has remained strained.

Anonymous insiders told Radar Online that the new British monarch gave his youngest son an ultimatum about his $20 million tell-all book or there would be "no trust" within the royal family.

"Charles has gone into severe crisis-management mode," claimed the insiders. "He knows that Harry holds the key to a closet full of dark secrets. It goes way deeper than simply Harry calling Charles on TV a bad father."

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The insiders added, "The king has issued a firm warning to Harry that if he rats him out in any way in the book, Harry's whole family will be stripped of their titles. And he'll be cut off from royal life for good! There have been last-minute additions about the Queen's legacy, and he's also toned down some parts about Charles."

Prince Harry's book was initially expected to be out this fall. However, the publisher agreed to delay the release due to the Queen's death. King Charles reportedly wanted to see "a final draft" before it hits shelves.

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Did Prince Harry Listen To King Charles' Warning?

After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle returned to California following their trip to the United Kingdom last month, they reportedly decided to stall his memoir and their Netflix docuseries. Several sources claimed that they wanted to edit the contents and make them "softer" for the royal family.

Insiders claimed that they had a lot of things about King Charles, Queen Consort Camilla, Prince William and Kate Middleton. However, they wanted to remove or downplay them, Page Six reported.

Meanwhile, several royal experts didn't think that Prince Harry could still change a lot of things in his memoir. His biographer Duncan Larcombe, a former royal editor at The Sun, doubts if Penguin Random House will allow him to make major changes to his book.

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"It could be their best-selling book of all time. Who knows," the "Prince Harry: The Inside Story," author Fox News Digital. "So they won't want to just turn around and say, 'Fair enough Harry. Yeah? You don't want to rock the boat anymore at this time.' Simply doesn't work like that. They're in a business commercial world now."

He added that if the publisher had the manuscript, then it would be "a hell of a fight" for Prince Harry to amend his memoir.

Royal expert Angela Levin, another biographer of Prince Harry, echoed the same sentiment. She also doubts that the publisher will allow Prince Harry to amend his tome.

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"They want to soften the things that they said about [Queen Elizabeth II] and King Charles III, and it's quite interesting because obviously, they've done it, which is nasty in itself," Levin said on GB News. "I don't know if the publisher will let him because it's almost ready to go, and publishers can't just suddenly quickly change things like a newspaper can."

British journalist and investigative reporter Tom Bower claimed the couple is "stuck with the devil." The Revenge author was convinced that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were already tied to Netflix and the book, so they would just ignore the criticisms because it was the only way for them to earn money.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about King Charles and Prince Harry.


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