King Charles Shock: Prince William’s Father Reportedly Ignored Mom Princess Diana After She Outshined Him With Dazzling Piano Performance

Credit: Timeline - World History Documentaries/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Timeline - World History Documentaries/YouTube Screenshot

King Charles was happy to show Princess Diana to the world, but that was reportedly before she became more popular than him. He ignored his wife once when she overshadowed him during their royal tour, a report claimed.

King Charles Reportedly Made A 'Toe-Curling' Performance During Royal Tour

King Charles and Princess Diana reportedly visited a music college during their 1988 royal tour to Australia. His Majesty was reportedly asked to play the cello, and he did, but his wife's piano performance was better.

Body language Judi James explained what she noticed between the royal couple while analyzing the videos of them during the visit. According to him, Prince William and Prince Harry's dad met an old cello tutor, and he was asked to play the instrument, and he deemed it his "moment to shine" and flex his talent.

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"Charles's grin suggested he adored being in the spotlight for once," James said, Express reported. Meanwhile, Princess Diana broke out into a "fit of giggle", and James suspected her reaction "might have bruised his ego a little as he did nothing to join in the laughter."

The king reportedly did a "toe-curling" performance. He reportedly "scraped out two duff notes before giving the instrument back in a tumbleweed moment."

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King Charles Acted Like A 'Sore Loser' After Princess Diana Outshone Him?

The tutor also asked Princess Diana to play the piano. King Charles reportedly looked downright crestfallen at the time.

"Charles's face could be seen to drop like a brick and he stuffed his hands in his pockets, throwing what looked like an angry stare at the tutor," she said. Then "Diana walked shyly across to the piano but what happened next was legendary."

"As everyone was waiting for, at best, a giggling and very embarrassing version of Chopsticks, Diana suddenly took on a very serious facial expression, threw her bag onto the floor, and delivered a brilliant rendition of the first few bars of Rachmaninov's second concerto, a notoriously difficult piece to play."

Princess Diana resumed her shy demeanor after her dazzling performance. However, her husband reportedly didn't look proud at all.

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"Charles ignored her as though she were a stranger," James continued, adding that he just stood by "watching as she went past him and out the door, looking like a very sore loser as he did so."

King Charles' only recognition was reportedly giving his wife a light clap on the back.

Princess Diana's popularity reportedly didn't help her marriage with King Charles. In her infamous Panorama interview, Princess Diana said that there was pressure on them due to the media because her husband wasn't happy that more were talking about her than him.

"With the media attention came a lot of jealousy," she said, Marie Claire reported.

What can you say about the reported incident?

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