King Charles, Queen Consort Camilla’s Alleged Love Child Had Eye Color Forcibly Changed, Teeth Filed Down to Conceal Identity? Simon Dorante-Day Claims People See Similarities in Him, His Children, and Royal Family

Credit: Daily Mail/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Daily Mail/YouTube Screenshot

King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla's alleged love child, Simon Dorante-Day, has shared more details as he seeks to know whether or not the new monarch is his biological father. In his most recent interview, he shared his final letter to the Queen, which included a telling revelation.

King Charles And Camilla's Alleged Son Claims He Underwent Physical Altercations

Dorante-Day, 56, decided to share the final letter he sent to the Queen in November for the first time. The letter revealed that he underwent some changes in his physical appearance when he was still a child. He believed those were done to hide his true identity.

According to him, there were actions done in the past that he believed were to hide his "true identity."

"These actions included my eyes which were blue, being forcibly changed to brown at the age of 8 and two of my teeth being filed down at the age of 15," he wrote to the Queen. "These actions I believe were undertaken to conceal my true identity."

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The statement could also be Dorante-Day's response to some asking why the color of his eyes is

brown when the British king and Camilla both have blue eyes.

Dorante-Day's eye color has been a topic of discussion on Quora. Several netizens were not convinced about his claim because of his brown eyes.

"He is not, Simon Charles Dorante-Day has brown eyes. The brown eye gene is dominant. This means at least one of his parents must have brown eyes. Both Charles and Camilla have blue eyes," one wrote.

"He has brown eyes. He was born before Camilla and Charles had ever met. The palace can afford a secretive termination ( they have 'people' on their payroll). There are no pics of Camilla ever being pregnant before or outside of her first marriage. Do you need more? The man is a nutter. This is his search for significance. It's also possible that some other nutter told him this," another added.

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King Charles And Camilla's Alleged Son Says People See Similarities In His, His Family And The Royals

Simon Dorante-Day also shared several pictures of him, which were featured side by side with King Charles, Queen Consort Camilla, and Queen Elizabeth on social media. Some netizens see a striking resemblance between them.

"The shape of the face on the sides and the bottom are very similar, and unique. That's what struck me the most," one commented on his post on Facebook featuring a younger version of him and the Queen. Another added, "Absolutely! No doubt with this comparison."

"Hairline same. Eyebrows same. Noses same. Eye shape same," a third person added.

"I've no doubt in my mind that you are related," a fourth user added.

According to Dorante-Day, the photo comparisons will help his case.

"A picture speaks a thousand words," he told 7News. "The courts consider physical similarities and genetic traits when looking at paternity cases, especially when DNA tests are not readily available.

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He added, "I am also really moved when ordinary people see photos of myself and my children alongside members of the royal family and see similarities on their own. That so many people can see it."

Dorante-Day said he has a lot of proof to support his claim other than photographs. He also did his research, which is checkable and readily available. He is confident that he has a strong case.

"I am just a man who started looking for my biological parents and every road lead me back to Charles and Camilla," he added.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla.

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