King Charles III Unintentionally Channels Snoke and Star Wars Fans Find it Hysterical

Credit: Lucasfilm

Credit: Lucasfilm

There's no denying that Supreme Leader Snoke was a criminally short-lived character in the Star Wars franchise but what's actually quite surprising is how fans still talk about the menacing villain, nearly six years after the Emperor Palpatine clone was shockingly killed in The Last Jedi.

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Credit: Lucasfilm

Just recently, the underutilized baddie was once again the subject of discussion amongst fans, only this time around, all the Snoke talk was centered on jokes and pure hilarity.

You see, the United Kingdom has officially hailed its new monarch, King Charles III who was formally crowned on May 6th. It marked the first time in 70 years that the country crowned a new head of state.

While people who witnessed the coronation from all parts of the globe fancied the new British monarch's majestic and lavish attire, avid followers of the Star Wars franchise immediately saw his golden robe's resemblance to Snoke's equally luxurious item of clothing he donned in Episode VIII.

Obviously, it was purely unintentional but that didn't stop fans from having a field day at the expense of King Charles III. Well, to be fair, the resemblance is way too uncanny to ignore. Check out some of the hilarious tweets and memes below:

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Meanwhile, The Mandalorian's third season pretty much debunked the long-standing theory linking Moff Gideon to the creation of Snoke.

You see, in Chapter 24, it was revealed that the cunning Imperial leader's clone experiment had nothing to do with Snoke and was instead orchestrated to bring several clones of him to live who would've been able to wield the Force.

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