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King Charles Has a ‘Concern’ on Netflix the Crown? Prince William’s Father Finds His Inability to Escape His Past ‘Frustrating’, Royal Expert Claims

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King Charles ascended the throne after his mother, Queen Elizabeth, passed away on Sept. 8. According to a royal expert, there are some things in The Crown Season 5 that bothered the new monarch, and it had something to do with his "past."

Did King Charles Have Some Concerns Over Netflix's The Crown?

Vanity Fair royal editor and author Katie Nicholl spoke about how Netflix's The Crown and Prince Harry's memoir, Spare, would affect King Charles' leadership. According to her, they were "bumps in the road for the start of the king's reign."

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The New Royals author added that the 74-year-old royal had a concern about The Crown. It has nothing to do with Dominic West's portrayal of his character, but rather with how the viewers would see him after watching the program.

"I think the concern, certainly by the king, is that the younger generation, the Netflix generation, may well tune into the series and not be able to distinguish fact from fiction," Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight.

Although Netflix added a disclaimer that the show is fiction, Nicholl said that some viewers "may base their opinion of Charles based on his past and what they've seen represented in The Crown."

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King Charles' Fears Were Not Unfounded, According To A Royal Biographer

Nicholl also weighed in on how The Crown reportedly validated some of the monarch's fears. Apparently, Queen Elizabeth's son was bothered that his past would affect his reign, and it seemed to be the case because the show brought up some scandals he was trying to move past.

"I do know from sources close to the king that one of his fears is that the start of his reign might be overshadowed by the specter of his past," she explained. "And, of course at times, a pretty turbulent and troublesome past."

The Netflix drama documented how his marriage with Princess Diana ended, including the tampongate scandal involving him and his now-wife Queen Consort Camilla Parker-Bowles.

"I think The Crown just goes to show," Nicholl continued, "those fears weren't completely unfounded."

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King Charles Frustrated How He Couldn't Escape His Past?

Princess Diana and King Charles finalized their divorce over two decades ago. He is now married to Camilla. However, many would still bring up their troubled past, especially his affair with Camilla, which Princess Diana blamed for their failed marriage.

"It must be incredibly frustrating for the king that he cannot escape from his past," Nicholl said of King Charles. "I'm sure he'd rather be able to leave the past where it belongs, as people can escape their 25-year-old history", but not when one is the king or Prince of Wales.

"He's more documented than any heir apparent before him," Nicholl explained. "I'm sure by now he's used to it and not prepared to give it too much attention but I think frustrated nonetheless."

Nicholl believed that King Charles can overcome no matter what comes his way.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about King Charles.

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