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King Charles Did the Right Thing by Snubbing Son Prince Harry as Counsellor of State? Meghan Markle's Husband Filling In for Dad Is 'Impractical'

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Many felt King Charles snubbed Prince Harry and Prince Andrew by promoting Princess Anne and Prince Edward as new Counsellors of State. However, a royal expert approved of the new monarch's move.

It's Impractical For Prince Harry To Remain Counsellor Of State, Royal Expert Claims

On Monday, King Charles turned 74 years old. On the same day, he announced that his siblings, Princess Anne and Prince Edward, were added as the new Counsellors of State.

Royal biographer Robert Jobson, author of William at 40 and Prince Charles at 70, weighed in on His Majesty's decision.

"They are additions which, given what has happened with Prince Andrew, I believe sensible. It shows the king has total confidence in his sister, Anne, who has been a stalwart, and his youngest brother, who has worked hard for 'the Firm' without too much public recognition. It also shows they have won his trust completely," Jobson told Newsweek.

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For him, it was just right to have another royal represent the king instead of his son, Prince Harry, who is now based in Los Angeles, California. The royal commentator found it "impractical" for the Duke of Sussex to fly to his home country to represent his father when the latter is abroad.

"He has to be in Britain to do it. Even if Harry remains a counsellor of state, it's impractical, it doesn't work when the king is abroad. If the king goes to America, Harry is hardly likely to step in for him when he is in America too," Jobson added.

The move was deemed a snub to the Duke of Sussex and Duke of York because royal experts believed that the addition of the Princess Royal and Earl of Wessex could mean Prince Andrew and Prince Harry would be less likely to be called to step in for the king.

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King Charles' Move Was A 'Slight' To Prince Harry And Prince Andrew But Necessary, Biographer Says

Angela Levin, author of Harry: A Biography of a Prince, also felt that the new monarch's move was a snub to his son and brother. However, she deemed it necessary.

"Of course, it is a slight to Harry and Andrew - but there's a good reason and it's necessary," she explained to Mail Online, deeming it as a way to take off the two royals from their roles as Counsellors of State in a diplomatic way.

"Harry and Meghan would be absolutely furious with the decision. But he lives in California, he's stopped being a working royal, so why should he [be a Counsellor of State]."

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Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams didn't find the move surprising at all.

"Harry should not be surprised at this change. The extra counsellors included are loyal servants of the crown. He lives abroad and there is a deep rift between him and the royal family," Fitzwilliams said.

"He lives, of course, in California and would be bizarre if he were asked to act as a Counsellor of State. Andrew is in disgrace for obvious reasons and it would have been outrageous if he were called on to act. However, no one is being removed. This is good news and about time, too, as there was an obvious danger here!"

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince Harry.

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