Kim Tae Ri Skincare Routine 2022: Here's How To Look Youthful Like The Twenty-Five, Twenty-One Star

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Credit: Netflix Asia / YouTube screenshot

Kim Tae Ri returned to the small screen with a bang after headlining the hit K-drama Twenty-Five, Twenty-One with Nam Joo Hyuk.

The lead stars sent the viewers into a major frenzy, especially their heart fluttering scenes and love-hate romance.

In addition, both stars have maintained the perfect streak as the most buzzworthy actor for weeks since the coming-of-age series was released, showing how Twenty-Five, Twenty-One captivate the public's attention.

Apart from their intense on-screen chemistry, some viewers were surprised to know Kim Tae Ri's real age.

In the tvN series, she plays the role of Na Do Hee, a high school student and a fencing prodigy who dreams of becoming a part of South Korea's national team. On the other hand, Nam Joo Hyuk took on the character of Baek Yi Jin, who is also a high school student.

Interestingly, the baby-faced actress was born on April 24, 1990, making her 31-years-old.

Curious how she maintains her youthful beauty? Apparently, Kim Tae Ri's skincare routine only consists of the basics.

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Kim Tae Ri Skincare Routine 2022: A Guide to the Twenty-Five, Twenty-One Star's Easy Beauty Routine

With her stunning visuals and undeniable charm, the Mr. Sunshine star mesmerizes not only the fans but also beauty companies, making her an effective brand ambassador.

In 2018, she was hailed as the newest muse of Flower by Kenzo, following the footsteps of Chinese model Ming Xi and Taiwanese actress Shu Qi who also starred in the blockbuster movie So Close.

She was reportedly selected by Kenzo's creative director, Patrick Guedj, after seeing her in the 2016 movie The Handmaiden, which was also her big-screen debut.

At the height of Kim Tae Ri's new endorsement, the 31-year-old actress also spilled the secret behind her youthful look.

According to, the award-winning actress doesn't have an intricate beauty routine or the famous 12-step Korean regime like other celebrities follow.

For Kim Tae Ri's beauty routine, she makes sure that she keeps it simple and sticky to the basics.

Her daily beauty routine must include cleansing, toning the face, followed by an essence, moisturizer and sunscreen during daytime, adding, "I like to keep things simple."

Moreover, she also ensures that it's not only the face that she keeps hydrated and moisturized but also her lips; hence she likes to cap off her beauty routine with a tinted lip balm that "doesn't have much color."

Interestingly, she also carries lip balms inside her bag.

From Skincare to Bag Essentials

Speaking of Kim Tae Ri's bag essentials, she also shared that a pen and a notebook are two of her bag essentials.

In the same article, she explained that she liked to "have a different notebook for different projects" that she is currently working on at the moment, adding that she likes to "take notes every day."


In addition, she also carries a journal not because it is one of her habits, but she confessed that it has "become a habit."

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