Kim So Yeon Diet: The Penthouse Star's Secret To Looking Fit And Fab Is Through Watermelon Diet

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Credit: Viu Philippines / YouTube screenshot

Kim So Yeon's role in The Penthouse generated major buzz after she perfectly portrayed the role of prima donna Cheon Seo Jin.

In the hit makjang series, her character desperately clings to her wealth and power, involving herself with the devious Joo Dan Tae played by the equally talented Uhm Ki Joon.

Released in 2020, the first season gained overwhelming response and is considered as one of the highest-rated K-dramas of SBS. With this, The Penthouse continued giving the audience an entertaining trilogy.

Apart from her stellar performance, which made her score multiple awards such as Best Actress in the 2020 SBS Drama Awards and 57th BaekSang Arts Awards and a Daesang or Grand Prize at the 2021 SBS Drama Awards for season 2 and 3, viewers are also drawn to the actress' stunning physique.

Interestingly, Kim So Yeon's diet consists of watermelons.

Kim So Yeon's Diet 2022: Why Does The Penthouse Star Prefer the Watermelon Diet?

The award-winning actress definitely looked fit and fab even at 40. With her stunning beauty and jaw-dropping physique, no wonder Kim So Yeon has a ton of endorsements and is selected as a brand ambassador of various beauty and fashion brands.

However, she once revealed her secret to maintaining her weight.

According to an outlet, the Secret Moter star reportedly lost 25 kg in 3 months due to a watermelon diet. It is basically eating nothing but watermelon and usually lasts for three days per Healthline.

One of the main benefits of it is helping the body cleanse and providing "a good deal of water."

In addition, nutrition consultant Jessica Marcus, MS, RD, CDN, also explained that a watermelon diet is "low in calories and provides some vitamins and minerals," plus it's hydrating and helps the dieter feel full temporarily.

As for the actress, she opted to feast upon watermelon for lunch and dinner.

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Kim So Yeon's Youthful Beauty

Apart from a healthy lifestyle, the 40-year-old actress once revealed her beauty secret.

During her guest appearance in the tv show Real Men, Kim So Yeon says that she seeks beauty experts, a.k.a dermatologist, to maintain a youthful glow.

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