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Kim Seon Ho's Ex-Girlfriend Problematic: Choi Young Ah's Ex-Husband Speaks Against Her In Leaked Voice Recording

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Kim Seon Ho
Credit: Netflix

Kim Seon Ho suffered from criticisms and losses in the past weeks after his ex-girlfriend outed his abortion scandal. His agency, Salt Entertainment, is currently investigating the matter until things are finally settled.

Dispatch, the most-trusted media outlet in terms of breaking Korean entertainment industry's rumors, finally named Choi Young Ah as the woman behind the post against Kim Seon Ho. The news outlet even posted an article titled Kim Seon Ho… and the 12 Ignored Truths that detailed the actor and his ex-girlfriend's relationship.

After Dispatch's report went viral, reporter-turned-YouTuber Lee Jin Ho also released a voice recording of Choi Young Ah's ex-husband to support the news site's claims.

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Lee Jin Ho Leaks Voice Recording: What Ex-Husband Says About Kim Seon Ho's Ex-Girlfriend

On Lee Jin Ho's YouTube Channel, the reporter uploaded the video The shocking true nature of Kim Seon Ho's ex-girlfriend...voice recording revealed.

He explained in the 10-minute video that he got the ex-husband's voice recording but chose not to reveal himself in public. Still, the reporter found ways to know his real identity.

In the recording, the ex-husband said he and A agreed to divorce after years of being married. As the divorce process took so long, he suggested ending it in a settlement. Unfortunately, things went against his will as A reportedly kept on asking for money.

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"There were a lot of things during the trial. In one trial, she came like a bum, looking pitiful. We were asked if there were any last words, and she said stuff like, 'I wanted to protect this marriage since marriage comes with the responsibility that is different from dating," he said.

The ex-husband also accused his ex-wife of using the settlement money to undergo plastic surgery. As he got tired of her amid their divorce, he left their house and found a CCTV when he came back. He reportedly noticed some wires connecting the camera to a hard drive.

After reviewing the recordings, he found out that brought three men to their house in a month and had intercourse with them on the sofa. Two of them reportedly looked like they came from a host bar, while the other was an old man who is her sponsor. The ex-husband then conducted an investigation and learned that the old man was the same "sponsor" she spent her time with before their marriage.

When A when to the court and said she did not want to separate with him, he reportedly showed the judge the video recordings. It prompted the judge to approve their divorce immediately.

Kim Seon Ho Broke Up With A Not Because Of Her Pregnancy

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Credit: Netflix

Far from what A claimed, Dispatch revealed that the Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha actor broke with her due to her constant lies.

The news outlet released Kim Seon Ho's text message to a friend, saying he caught his ex-girlfriend lying again.

The text says (as translated by AllKpop):

"Yesterday at dawn, [she] got caught lying. [In the past] I told her I would only let her pass once. But she got caught going to a location where there were men and pretending she didn't go. The problem is that when I told her, she thought I was talking about something else and mentioned a different time when she had met another man."

Kim Seon Ho, however, forgave her and began dating his ex-girlfriend once again. Dispatch also revealed more lies made by A, including her claims that the actor did not care for her when she aborted their child.

After the fans learned the side of the story, they offered sympathy to Kim Seon Ho and questioned him for staying silent and not telling the truth. With all these new information coming out, only Kim Seon Ho knows why he took all the blame and let it steal everything he worked hard for.

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