Kim Kardashian Thinks Pete Davidson’s Emmys Outfit Was His Way of Sending Kanye West a Subtle Message? The Kardashians Star Allegedly Wants Ex-boyfriend to Take the High Road, Avoid Drama

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Pete Davidson recently graced the Emmys, and several fans noticed that his outfit resembled Kanye West's style. Following the awards show, there were whispers that even the comedian's ex-girlfriend, Kim Kardashian saw the similarities.

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Kim Kardashian Wants Pete Davidson To Take The High Road Amid Kanye West Feud

According to Hollywood Life, Kim Kardashian doesn't want Pete Davidson to send Kanye West subtle messages with his outfit. After all, the last thing that the reality TV star wants is to deal with more drama in her life.


Even though the mom of four never wanted Davidson to just accept West's attacks in the past, Kardashian still hopes that her ex-boyfriend would just take the high road.

"Kim has no idea whether or not Pete was trying to send a subtle message to Kanye, but she's assuming it's his sarcastic way of responding to Kanye's attacks. However, Kim seriously hopes it had nothing to do with him because she's had enough drama over this whole thing. She knows Kanye doesn't deserve for Pete to just sit back and take the attacks, but she is hoping he is taking the high road and isn't being petty over the whole thing. She doesn't have time for the messiness and as much as she understands where Pete is coming from, Kim feels it really isn't worth it. She wishes him nothing but the best and hopes he can just let it go from here," the source said.

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Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson Ended Their 9-Month Relationship Last Month

Kardashian and Davidson's split was confirmed last month. Multiple sources revealed that the A-listers had a hard time with their long-distance relationship because Davidson has been spending a lot of time in Australia because he's filming a movie.


The Kardashians star, on the other hand, has a slew of work commitments in Hollywood. And she's also busy tending to her four children.

But even though Kardashian and Davidson's relationship only lasts for nine months, the SKIMS founder only has wonderful members to remember Davidson by.

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Kim Kardashian Called Pete Davidson A Good Person

In fact, Kardashian also had nothing but positive things to say about the Saturday Night Live alum.


"He's literally such a good person. They don't really make them like him anymore. I'm excited for what he has coming up," Kardashian told Interview Magazine.

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