Kim Kardashian Shock: Kanye West’s Ex-Wife Engaged To Pete Davidson? Couple Already Planning Their Wedding, Valentine’s Day Celebration

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Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson surprised their fans after it was confirmed that they are dating. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star appeared in several sketches on Saturday Night Live and it was obvious that she had chemistry with Davidson.

Weeks later, they were photographed hanging out on multiple occasions before it was confirmed by their reps that they are officially together.

And just a few weeks ago, Kardashian asked the judge to declare her legally single. Reports revealed that this upset her ex-husband, Kanye West because the rapper tried to see if he could win her back months after their divorce.

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Kim Kardashian Said Yes To Pete Davidson’s Proposal

OK! magazine, in its Jan. 17 issue, claimed that Kardashian and West will never get back together because not only is the former already with Davidson; the couple is now engaged.


“Pete’s on cloud nine and saying that he’s the luckiest guy on the planet. They’ve been inseparable since they went public. Pete treats her like a princess. She knows it may look sudden, but it feels so right,” an unnamed source said.

Kanye West Upset Over Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson’s Engagement

Kardashian also, allegedly, told West that she’s engaged to Davidson and the rapper didn’t take the news very well.


“He desperately wants Kim and their family back. He’ll do whatever it takes to win her love again. It’s kind of pitiful to see. The Kanye chapter is closed in her book,” the unnamed source said.

Kim Kardashian Puts Herself First

However, Kardashian couldn’t care less about what West thinks and how he feels. After all, she spent 10 years prioritizing the rapper and putting his mental health before her own happiness. As such, the SKIMS founder is determined to make her marriage to Davidson work.


“Their chemistry is through the roof, but it’s not all about sex appeal. Pete’s a genuinely sweet guy,” the unnamed source said.

Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson Valentine’s Day Plans


The couple is also, allegedly, planning their first Valentine’s Day celebration together.

“They’re planning a lavish Valentine’s Day bash, where they’ll celebrate their love with a sit-down dinner, dancing, and entertainment. They’re smitten and ready to get this party started,” the unnamed source concluded.

As of late, there’s no news about Kardashian and Davidson’s alleged engagement. If the Saturday Night Live star already popped the question, he and Kardashian will be the first ones to share the happy news with their fans.

There’s also no information regarding Kardashian and Davidson’s upcoming Valentine’s Day plans. But it is true that the couple is smitten with each other.

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Kim Kardashian Thinks Pete Davidson Is Sexy


According to Entertainment Tonight, the couple had a blast during their recent trip to the Bahamas. And the couple’s bonding experience just brought them so much closer to each other. In fact, the quality time made Kardashian realize how sexy Davison really is.

“Kim has such a great time with Pete. He makes her laugh, plays around, and has a sense of humor. It is nice for Kim to be around that. Pete knows how to talk to Kim. He is the most confident guy, but not cocky. It is why it works with the. Kim thinks Pete is super sexy and likes how he knows so much about comedy since that is a world she doesn't know as much about,” a source said.

The source also said that Kardashian is just going with the flow. But it’s true that her and Davidson’s relationship is in a good place right now.

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