Kim Jung Hyun Confirms Return To Acting After His Unexpected Hiatus

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Kim Jung Hyun might soon return to the small screen following his hiatus.

Amid his skyrocketing fame, Kim Jung Hyun decided to take a break after controversies started surrounding his name. He accused his previous agency, O& Entertainment, of spreading false information about him and pressing him to star in the drama Time despite his health issues.

He also found himself in the middle of hot waters after Dispatch reported that he was manipulated by his then-girlfriend, Seo Ye Ji.

Following his break, Kim Jung Hyun is ready to return as he begins his talks with a new drama.

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Kim Jung Hyun Might Join a New K-Drama Soon

On Friday, Kim Jung Hyun’s new agency, Story J Company, responded to reports that he was tapped to become part of the drama, Season of Kkok Du.

The agency confirmed the existence of the offer, saying that the discussions on his potential role already started.

“Kim Jung Hyun has received an offer to appear in ‘Season of Kkok Du,’ and he is currently in talks for the drama,” it revealed.

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Season of Kkok Du will tell the story of Kkok Du, a high-ranking grim reaper who is alone in the underworld. Every 99 years, he takes a break from his job and spends 49 days in the mortal realm.

He then inhabits human Do Jin Woo and meets a female doctor, Han Gye Jeol, who has the ability to order the grim reaper around.

If Kim Jung Hyun accepts his role, the drama would be his first since starring in Mr. Queen a year and a half ago.

Kim Jung Hyun Also Tapped in Indie Film

Aside from the K-drama series, Kim Jung Hyun also received an offer to become part of an Indie film.

In January, Story J Company revealed that the actor accepted his casting in the film Se²cret. It explores the lives of people who face the secrets of their past while investigating a murder case.

Kim Jung Hyun is said to have scored the role of a police detective.

The actor and the agency are yet to reveal more details about the film.

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