Kim Jong Kook Lambasts Critics With Doping Test Results

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Credit: GYM JONG KOOK/YouTube Screenshot

Kim Jong Kook has no time to deal with people who question his physical appearance – especially Canadian YouTuber Greg Doucette.

For years, Kim Jong Kook has been impressing people with his body build. It even led him to garner nicknames like Sparta-Kook and Muscle Man, as he always beats his contenders on his variety shows in terms of physical aspects.

He revealed more side of him when he launched his YouTube channel, GYM JONG KOOK, where he mostly shares his daily workout routine to keep his body strong and healthy. However, Canadian bodybuilder Greg Doucette criticized the Korean singer on his video Kim Jong Kook \\ Natty Or Not and alleged that the variety show star fakes his body build by abusing steroids.

In response to this, Kim Jong Kook challenged him and his critics and said he would undergo a doping test to prove them wrong.

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Kim Jong Kook Reveals Doping Test Results; Prepares To Take Legal Action

On Thursday, Kim Jong Kook uploaded a new YouTube video, titled (in Korean) Doping test results…and an update on the legal action. The Running Man star revealed he received the result of his doping test and shared the latest update on the legal action he has filed.

Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory (SMRTL) in the US spearheaded the test through its Korean branch. The World Anti-Doping Agency officially approved the institution.

After a few weeks of waiting, the test result revealed Kim Jong Kook never received a steroid injection – dismissing Greg Doucette's claims.

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The YouTube video shared never-before-seen exclusive footage of Kim Jong Kook taking off his top and bottom before giving his urine sample to be more transparent. He collected his urine before dispensing it himself into other containers.

He purposedly recorded the whole process and showed the sealed samples to display there were no alterations completed on the urine. Five Star Global CEO Myung Se Young helped him conduct the doping test. They made more than 392 tests using Kim Jong kook's urine – the number was way higher than the tests an average Olympic athlete goes through.

Kim Jong Kook Gave His Thoughts

Following the series of clips, Kim Jong Kook eventually sat down and explained the test results before revealing more details about the legal action.

According to the singer, people should understand that a person can have high hormone levels without taking steroids. The test result ultimately dismissed the "foreign expert" thoughts about him.

When I got the doping test, I tested negative [for those things]. Is there more that needs to be said? I showed clear evidence that I didn't do anything. I hope that when you criticize or claim something about other races, I hope you do more research and study because Westerners are not the standard for all races. I hope this will be an opportunity to acknowledge there are differences," he went on.

As for the legal action he planned, he revealed that he and his team decided to use the supposed 30 million KRW lawsuit to provide for people in need. Instead of filing a legal lawsuit with the money, Kim Jong Kook chose to donate the money and turn the recent issue into a good cause.

Greg Doucette has not commented on the recent result yet, but he previously apologized to Kim Jong Kook and said he just made a mistake.


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