Kim Hye Yoon Reveals Whether She Would Want to Have a Different Career Instead of Being an Actress

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Credit: STATV/YouTube Screenshot

Kim Hye Yoon waited for a long time before she started having lead roles.

Kim Hye Yoon started her career through the KBS2 TV Novel’s Samsaengi as a supporting actress. She then had bigger roles in Bad Guys and Sky Castle, before having a protagonist role for the first time in Extra-Ordinary You.

After her first lead role in a drama series, she went on to have her first lead role in a movie through The Girl on a Bulldozer.

As the process was not easy for her, she was recently asked whether she ever imagined herself having a different career.

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Kim Hye Yoon Reveals Whether She Would Want to Have Different Job

Kim Hye Yoon recently collaborated with @star1 magazine and had an interview with them.

At that time, she reflected on scoring her first starring role in a feature film, The Girl on a Bulldozer. The movie was also invited to screen at the 26th Busan International Festival.

They ended filming it in 2020, but it went through a long time in post-production before arriving on big screens in April.

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“Because it had been a long time since we’d wrapped up filming for the movie, I looked so young in the film,” said Kim Hye Yoon. “Watching the movie again, I kept thinking to myself, ‘So that’s how I interpreted this subject matter back then,’ and I felt many new emotions,” she said.

Asked whether she ever imagined having a different career, Kim Hye Yoon said she had already gotten hooked on acting industry that she never thought of having a different job.

Kim Hye Yoon on The Girl on a Bulldozer

The Girl on a Buldozer is a 2022 film about a 19-year-old girl who develops negative feelings toward the world after her father faces an unexpected accident. The event also causes them to leave their home alongside her younger brother.

Kim Hye Yoon played the role of Hye Young, and she completed the film alongside her co-stars Park Hyuk Kwon and Super Junior’s Yesung, among others.

Its director, Park Yi Woong, said that he was inspired by a real-life story of people who operates heavy machinery, making the film more realistic.

The film premiered on April 7.

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