Kim Go Eun Prepares For A Perfect Date In Adorable Yumi's Cells Teaser

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Credit: tvN

Cuteness overload! Kim Go Eun and her "cells" venture on a mission to prepare for the perfect date in this adorable teaser for the upcoming tvN Kdrama Yumi's Cells.

Yumi's Cells is based on a hit webtoon about an ordinary office worker named Yumi. The series will revolve around the perspective of the protagonist's brain cells that control her thoughts, feelings, expressions, and movements.

For the first time in the history of Korean dramas, Yumi's Cells will be produced using a new format that combines live-action and 3D animation, piquing interest from viewers all around the world. This cell-based psychological romance will excite viewers on how a person's daily life would unravel through the perspective of the cells in the protagonist's head.

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Kim Go Eun Prepares For A Perfect Date

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Kim Go Eun's cells become an enthusiastic cheering squad as the main character prepares herself for a date. The new teaser released captures the lovely image of Yumi's cells extending their support as soon as a message arrives at her phone, who was enjoying her break time while reading webtoons. Yumi's smile spreads as she feels excited by Goo Woong's message asking if they shall meet.


Filled with determination, Yumi's cells appear one by one out of the webtoon and gave strong support and cheer for Yumi as she prepares for her date. In particular, her love cell, which is also the cell that represents her, rational cell, emotional cell, washing cell, and fashion cell gather together and hold a sign that reads, "Yumi hwaiting!"

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Yumi checks out her outfit and how she looks while the cells continue cheering for her. Fashion cell utters "There's an outfit that I've prepared for today!" while the hungry cell walks out while munching on snacks, who is also expecting to eat something delicious on Yumi's meeting with Goo Woong.

Yumi's bright and cheerful face makes viewers look forward to a sweet and adorable date.

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Yumi's Cells Cast

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Credit: tvN

Yumi's Cells will be led by Kim Go Eun as Yumi, an ordinary office worker who has adorable cells that control her thoughts, emotions, and movements. Aside from the Goblin star, several more renowned personalities in South Korea's film and television industry will also decorate the series.


Specifically, Ahn Bo Hyun will portray the character of Goo Woong, a game developer who is also dating Yumi. Lee Yu-Bi will play Ruby, Yumi's co-worker who claims to be a master in various dating techniques. Park Ji Hyun is Sae Yi, Goo Woong's colleague who dreams of becoming the best game art director.

Additionally, GOT7 member Jinyoung will also appear in the series as Yoo Babi, Yumi's second boyfriend. SHINee Minho will be making a special cameo appearance as Woo Gi.

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Yumi's Cells Release Date And Time

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Credit: tvN

The forthcoming Kdrama Yumi's Cells is directed by Lee Sang Yeob, who is also responsible for the Kdramas Familiar Wife and Shopping King Louie. Find Me In Your Memory writer Kim Yoon Joo also participated in the creation of the Kdrama as well as writer Kim Kyung Ran. W - Two Worlds Aparts and Memories of the Alhambra writer Song Jae Jung also lend his creativity to the drama.

Yumi's Cells is scheduled to premiere on September 17 at 10:50 PM KST. The series will air on tvN and will simultaneously be available for online streaming on Viki. English subtitles will be provided for international fans' easy and comfortable viewing.

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