Killing Eve Finale: Eve Changed into a Bad-ass and Villanelle is Religious? [SPOILERS]

Two episodes of the Killing Eve finale were released yesterday, February 27, and we saw a massive transformation with the two main characters of the series, Eve and Villanelle.

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We instantly spotted Eve at the first episode riding a motorbike and interrogating Konstantin about the whereabouts of The Twelve and uncovering their names. We saw Eve losing patience and shot Konstantin in his hand. This new aura of Eve is different from the previous seasons, where she usually does the right thing and hardly harms anyone. Eve's transformation seems to be working for her mission in hunting down the secret organization, The Twelve. Especially after she knocked at the front door of Helene, a recruiter for The Twelve, and discovered that Helene also wanted to bring The Twelve down.

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On the other hand, Villanelle is now a transformed Christian. In the first episode, we saw her being very religious, serving the church, and surrounding herself with good Christian people. However, as the story progresses, seems like her purpose is to not change at all but to let Eve know that she's already changed. Villanelle even kneeled in front of Eve when they first met in the first episode.

In the third season of the series, Villanelle really wants to flee from his job as an assassin for The Twelve. The third season also focused on her rather than Eve who is the main focus for the straight two seasons together with her MI6 team hunting Villanelle and The Twelve.

However, Villanelle still has her psychopathic tendencies, as she almost drowned her newfound friend, May, without any reason at all. At the end of the second episode, she was kicked out of her Christian group because they can sense the evilness inside her. In the end, saw Villanelle killing God's illusion on her head teasing that she has not yet completely turned back from being an assassin.

It seems that Villanelle is really trying to change but her circumstances always prevent her from doing so. Plus, it would be disappointing not to see Villanelle's craziness run through the whole finale. From the third season, we witnessed how Eve and the MI6 completely depended on Villanelle's ability as an assassin. Even Carolyn had recruited her but she declined. Her expertise in the assassin field would be really relevant in bringing down The Twelve.

Starting from chasing each other, Villanelle and Eve now try to stay away from each other but doesn't always seem to work. It would be good to see the two cooperating completely to bring down The Twelve for the finale of the series.

Each episode of Killing Eve Season Finale will be dropping every Sunday on BBC America. Those who don't have access to BBC can watch the show every Monday on AMC at 9 pm, EST.

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