23 Jul 2018 1:05 PM +00:00 UTC

Kevin Smith Weighs In On DC’s Multiple Joker Movie Projects

DC fans might think that Warner Brother's decision to work on both Jared Leto's DC Extended Universe Joker movie and Joaquin Phoenix's Joker origin movie might be a little bit too much, but pop culture connoisseur and cult film director Kevin Smith believes that fans ought to be excited for both of the studio's projects.

Speaking in an interview with Variety during this year's San Diego Comic-Con International, Smith weighed in on Warner Brothers' bold decision to work on two Joker movies. Not only does the Clerks director think that fans ought to be excited for DC's upcoming comic book movie projects, he also says that Warner Brother's willingness to work on standalone movies outside of the DCEU's shared universe might actually become one of the studio's strengths.

Sure DC's projects with Leto and Phoenix might both center around the same character, Batman's nemesis, the Joker, both films are going to end up being very different interpretations. Unlike the films in the DCEU, Phoenix's Joker has been described as a gritty character study of the Clown Prince of Crime. If the film does succeed, then Warner Brothers will have a bankable banner outside of its burgeoning superhero franchise which has been struggling to find its footing after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League.

Phoenix's Joker movie hits cinemas October 4, 2019.

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