Geoff Johns Confirms Wonder Girl and Jason Todd For DC Universe’s Titans

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It looks like DC fans are going to see Wonder Girl and Jason Todd popping up in the DC Universe's Titans series.

Titans producer Geoff Johns just recently spoke at a spotlight panel at this year's San Diego Comic Con (via Screen Rant), and there the former Creative Chief Officer of DC Entertainment just confirmed that both Donna Troy and Jason Todd were going to be in DC Universe's flagship show.


That's a lot of exciting news for fans waiting for the live-action series of Teen Titans. Those who've read the comics know that Wonder Woman's protégé, Wonder Girl actually joined the Titans and in the current version of the character, she helped form the team. Meanwhile, Jason Todd, the second Robin, became the leader of Teen Titans in DC's New Titans title. Though he could be an ally in the new Titans series, he could also be very well turned into an antagonist in the show.

Johns however hasn't given away too many details about the roles Wonder Girl and Jason Todd are going to play in the show, probably to keep fans on their toes before the show begins. Titans set photos have shown Jason Todd wearing a red hood clearly showing that he's no longer Robin in the series, but right now we can't really tell what side he's on.

Let's just wait and see.

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