Kevin Smith Shares Watchmen Prop He Got from Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder is holding his Man of Steel watch party today, and there are a lot of people excited for an announcement of his cut of Justice League. Director Kevin Smith has decided to chime in on the Snyder Cut energy on Twitter and has shared this neat gift he got from Snyder a few Christmases ago.

Check it out:

If you've seen Snyder's Watchmen, it's a copy of the Tijuana bible (or porn comic) that the original Silk Spectre Sally Jupiter shows off to her daughter Laurie in one of the earlier scenes. We don't know if it's actually a complete comic, but by doing a little research online, all I can say is it has a front and back cover, and the 2 pages we get a glimpse of in the film.

While it doesn't show the comic, it was part of this scene between the two Silk Spectres:

After years of people denying the existence of the Snyder Cut, there is overwhelming positivity online right now that Snyder is going to make his announcement today. It all seems to be lining up perfectly after the news that he had done a screening with WB executives and they are somehow back in talks. I mean, why else would he suddenly hold a Man of Steel watch party?

For now, everyone is just eagerly waiting for news to drop. Fingers crossed we get the film released later in the year.

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