Snyder Cut Speculation Intensifies With HBO Max Justice League Billboard

Well, it looks like speculation on the Snyder Cut of Justice League won't be ending anytime soon. Reports are claiming that Zack Snyder had screened his version of the movie to some Warner Bros. executives to see if it's ready for an HBO Max or limited-time screening event. Add Jason Momoa telling Warner Bros. to release the movie and this brand-new billboard ad showcasing Justice League, it's easy to see why speculation is high.

HBO Max definitely wants to showcase some of the best Warner Bros. content but to showcase a box office bomb on a billboard ad? There might just be more to this story than a simple case of DC advertising. Maybe that movie's marketing is being used because it has some of DC's most recognizable heroes out there but when you consider how most people don't like Justice League, the movie is just odd.

If they just wanted to showcase DC stuff, why not advertise Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy? How about Batman: The Animated Series, which still has a large fanbase that is craving for new content, hence the upcoming comic book series that has plenty of people excited. They could have gone a safer route in their advertising but this just screams "smell what we're cooking."

Frankly, we'll just have to wait and see if the long-fabled Snyder Cut will finally be shown. In the meantime, you can watch the crappy version of the Justice League on digital platforms. At the least, it's better than Fant4stic.

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