Kevin Feige Teases Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Future Role in the MCU

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There is little doubt that fans are intrigued by Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine after the character debuted on The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. However, her post-credits scene in Black Widow has heightened her mystery.

So what exactly is the Contessa up to and does this mean she will play a larger role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Kevin Feige has just teased Val's plans and how they will affect the other characters in the MCU.


The Contessa was introduced in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier where she was shown recruiting John Walker into becoming US Agent. By the time she shows up in Black Widow, Val is telling Yelena Belova that Clint Barton was responsible for Natasha Romanoff's death.

Her actions are certainly questionable and there is little doubt that people want to know what Val is up to at this point. Luckily, Feige has told the D23 Inside Disneypodcast that they are planning to bring Julia Louis-Dreyfus back in more projects now that she's part of the MCU.

"The future is bright for the MCU because Julia Louis-Dreyfus is in it. We are gigantic fans of her at Marvel. [...] The notion of bringing her into the world was always something, if we could find the right thing, we wanted to do," the Marvel Studios boss said.

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"When this role came about and the opportunity to have her in [Black] Widow, in [The] Falcon [and The Winter Soldier], and maybe in some other things coming up…" Feige teased.

We're loving the idea of more Louis-Dreyfus in the future especially since it means we could find out if she has already been working with Yelena all this time. Hopefully, we'll get to see her again a lot sooner than expected.

The Black Widow post-credits scene certainly teased the possibility that both Yelena and Val could show up in Hawkeye. With that in mind, we're keeping an eye out for these characters in the Disney+ series.

Black Widow is still screening in theaters and on Disney+ via Premier Access.


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