Kevin Bacon Will Reportedly Appear in Upcoming MCU Project

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The MCU has not been short when it comes to the award-winning and iconic actors that have been part of the franchise whether it's Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Douglas, Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert Redford, and many more. They have attracted a lot of talents that have played a significant role in some of their films and TV shows and there's no sign that it will slow down anytime soon. Now, it looks like another iconic actor is set to join the MCU soon.

Per The Direct, according to Reddit user u/CassandraOracle, Kevin Bacon is set to appear in an upcoming MCU project. The information came from the user's post who shared that she spotted that a Guardians of the Galaxy project was filming in the Atlanta Country Club last March 24 to 25. A later report by The Direct seems to have confirmed it when they shared some set photos which corroborate the leaks.

According to the user, a street in the Atlanta Country Club was decorated to look like a Beverly Hills neighborhood at Christmas and an action scene was filmed at night as evidenced by the banged-up Beverly Hills police cars. The time period is unclear, but the decorations seem to be vintage. Most importantly, she wrote that Bacon is allegedly present in the scene.

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We do have to take note that this hasn't been confirmed by Marvel yet so we have to take it with a grain of salt. However, given that the set photos are similar to the user's claim, it is very likely that the information is true. Bacon's potential presence would be a full-circle moment since the actor was mentioned during the first Guardians of the Galaxy film when Star-Lord called him a "great hero."

Right now, it's hard to tell if they were filming either Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special since they are both in simultaneous production. Given the holiday decorations, the Holiday Special might be the best guess. It is exciting to hear that Bacon might appear in it since he is a wonderful actor and it's always great to see him in a project. He is also not a stranger to the Marvel Universe since he previously played Sebastian Shaw in X-Men: First Class. Let's just wait and see if Bacon does actually appear in an upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy project.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special is scheduled to premiere on Disney+ later this year while Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is set to be released in theaters on May 23, 2023.

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