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Keanu Reeves and The Matrix 4 Cast Under Fire for Breaking COVID Rules in Germany

Great news, Matrix fans! The Matrix 4 has officially wrapped filming in Germany and although we should feel good about this exciting new development, the film's cast and crew are apparently under fire for allegedly throwing a wrap party despite the country's strict implementation of rules and protocols amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

According to a recent report from The Guardian, a German tabloid called Bild exposed the wrap party which was "disguised as film shoot". The said bash reportedly went on for hours and was allegedly attended by 200 people, including Reeves and his girlfriend Alexandra Grant. According to the report, health authorities are planning to conduct a thorough investigation following the incident. All parties involved, including Warner Bros. Pictures, have yet to confirm nor deny the issue.

It's quite unfortunate that things had to go down this way but hey, rules are rules. The people responsible for throwing the wrap party should've known better and quite frankly, they deserve to be reprimanded as well for being a little too careless. Now, it'll be interesting to see how this affects the production of The Matrix 5 which was initially reported to begin as soon as The Matrix 4 finished filming. I'm guessing it won't but this should serve as a lesson to everyone involved.

The Matrix 4 is slated for release in December 2021.

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