Keanu Reeves Admits Idea of Starring in the MCU Appeals to Him

Credit: WB

Credit: WB

For years now, longtime followers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been clamoring for Keanu Reeves to join the billion-dollar franchise and most of them are baffled as to why Marvel Studios hasn't done their part in getting the services of The Matrix Resurrections actor for one of their superhero projects. Not a lot of people know about this but Keanu has always been on the studio's radar but the actor's packed schedule has prevented him from ever stepping foot in Earth-616.

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Credit: WB

However, it looks like the tide is slowly turning as Keanu is now expressing his desire to join the MCU. Last month, the Hollywood icon finally offered a promising update on his potential involvement in the Marvel world, saying that it would be a huge honor on his part should he be given the opportunity to star in a Marvel film.

Now, in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight at the premiere of the latest Matrix
film, the actor was once again asked if he'd be down to making his long-awaited MCU debut. Sharing an equally intriguing and promising response, he said: "Oh my gosh, I don’t know! I actually don’t have an answer. There’s so many wonderful films and filmmakers and artists participating in those films. It would be fun to be a part of."

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Considering Keanu has previously starred in a comic book film and is a comic book aficionado himself, it doesn't come as a surprise how he desires to become part of the MCU. Hopefully, Marvel Studios hasn't given up on their hopes of casting him especially now that he appears to be really interested in joining the franchise.

Meanwhile, The Matrix Resurrections is hitting cinemas on December 22, 2021.

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