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Kawaki is the Best Boruto Character: Here's Why

Kawaki was raised by an organization called Kara to become a future vessel for Isshi Otsutsuki. He escaped the said organization and was found by Team 7. The team took him to the village and Naruto decided to take him in. He and Boruto formed a brotherly bond, and they found out that both of them have the Kama mark.

Unlike Boruto who grew from a warm and loving household, Kawaki lived with his alcoholic father who made his life miserable. This made him vulgar and aggressive to the people he doesn’t like. He also likes to distance himself from people. Despite this, he has a good side which is why a lot of fans believe that he is the best Boruto character.

Kawaki is the Best Boruto Character: Here's Why

Kawaki is the Best Boruto Character: Here's Why 1
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Since Kawaki was raised in a different environment unlike Boruto and the other shinobi, it makes him an intriguing character. He was introduced to the world of shinobi the moment he was taken in by Naruto. He still has a lot to learn about their ways and experiences as a ninja.


Another reason is that, unlike Boruto who lets his emotions control him, Kawaki is collected and calm. He also shows great character development as he learned to open up to the people around him despite his harsh past. His personality can be relatable to some and fans look forward to what will happen to him in the series.

He was not born a genius but he is determined to improve himself, much like how Naruto was before. His will was strong to become the best version of him. Even though he experienced a lot of pain and suffering when he was young, he still has this determination to change his fate.

As mentioned, Kawaki had a troubled past. This made him indifferent to other people but inside him, he is sympathetic and kind especially for the weak and injured. He has a soft spot for children, and he doesn’t want them to get hurt. There were times when he showed that he would observe the situation before acting especially during battle.

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