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Is Kawaki Naruto's Son?

Those who watched Boruto: Naruto Next Generations will be familiar with Kawaki. He appeared during the flashforward of the series where everyone discovered that he would become the nemesis of Boruto. After his appearance during the flashforward, he was introduced as a rebellious member from Kara.

He wished his “Karma” cursed mark be removed. When he escaped the said organization, he met Boruto’s team who took him to the village. Naruto decided to take Kawaki in to protect him from enemies. This decision encouraged Kawaki to bond with the Uzumaki family. Fans are now wondering if Kawaki is Naruto’s son.



Is Kawaki Naruto's Son?

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While fans have a lot of theories that Naruto can be Kawaki’s father, the anime showed that this was not true. Kawaki’s father is Kokatsu. He was an abusive drunk father who would ask Kawaki to buy him alcohol. He forbid Kawaki to interact with strangers and once he did, he was not allowed to eat dinner. Kokatsu would also lock Kawaki in his room.

Kawaki’s life changed when Jigen bought him from his father. Originally, Kawaki didn’t want to leave his father and offered that he would do more work to earn money. But Jigen’s offer was too high that Kokatsu decided to smash the head of his son and sell him to Jigen. The latter became Kawaki’s new father.


Jigen took Kawaki to Kara where he became one of the fifteen Otsutsuki vessel candidates. Jigen planned to transfer his Kama to them. While the 13 children died, Kawaki survived and he had the Karma brand on his hand.

With his harsh childhood, Kawaki was vulgar and aggressive. Eventually, his personality changed after he was taken to the Leaf Village. He would listen to Konohanmaru, read the flow of battle before reacting, and cared for the weak. His relationship with Naruto changed him as the latter was patient with him.

This made Kawaki respect the Seventh Hokage and consider him as a father figure. Kawaki also voiced out that he would rather die than live without Naruto which made him a proud student of the Seventh Hokage.

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